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Posted on January 16, 2013 by Pixelhub Developer

What does it mean to have a signature haircut?

              Each individual has his very own handwriting signature that nobody else can ever copy. We use our Cathy01 copyhandwriting signature affixed in all major documents and contracts like birth certificates, check books,  Identification cards, school records, and even on receipts. It is our own way of putting our ‘mark’ on these documents that is solely unique for each individual. Have you ever wondered why salons nowadays use the term ‘signature haircut’ in their service menu?, and how come having a haircut with these ‘signature’ hairstylists would cost you more than your traditional hair cutter , ranging from more than 600 hundred pesos to a few thousands of pesos compared to a traditional 50 peso haircut). And finally, what does it really mean to have a ‘signature’ haircut?

                Cutting hair is a skill; hence it can be learned. sassoonWhen an apprentice hairdresser starts to learn how to cut hair, basic skills and competency standards are given to lay down the foundation of basic haircuts which eventually lead to mastering a limitless number of hair styles. So does this mean that when anyone who has  undergone proper training can call himself a signature haircutter?.No, it doesn’t mean that when you know the “A,B,C’s that it would follow that you could already write a sentence, let alone spell a word. Same is true with haircutting, you still need years of experience, thousands of models, long hours of practice before a haircutter could truly express himself and portray his art thru his creations.

                Though each  student may be using the same tools and gencuttingtechniques in cutting a particular haircut, each haircut would always turn out different from one another however subtle it may be. This is more evident while implementing texturizing and finishing touches done on the haircut wherein the ‘personality’ and finesse of each individual really shows. Certain parameters in creating the shape and form of a haircut depends on a lot of variables despite our efforts on standardizing and simplifying benchmarks in cutting hair. It is in these variables that each hair cutter differs from one another.

               At Vibrante Salons, we equip each of our staff with rigid training and theory coupled with practical application and lots of practice. We perfect our craft and create our own ‘signature’ of haircutting which is unique. A signature haircut which cannot be duplicated, Professional Hairdressing taken to the next level, truly a cut above the rest.

Vibrante Salon makeover

Vibrante Salon makeover